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Energy Spray ﹘ Chocolate Flavor

Energy Spray is an innovative  vitamin spray for energy support. It has a unique formula patented in the USA to restore energy and vitality from the first dose. Ensures maximum assimilation of vitamins and caffeine in the oral cavity up to 95% to achieve a quick and desired effect.Directions: as a dietary supplement, adults take from 1 to 8 sprays per day. A bottle with a pump allows you to accurately measure the portion. Before the first use, you need to activate the pump, press 2-4 times. Before each use, always shake gently and spray directly into the oral cavity, towards each cheek, hold, then swallow. The duration of use and the number of sprays can be changed according to the doctor’s prescription. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Individual results may vary.Dosage form: spray 14.4 ml (240 sprays).

MAXI-MEMORY ﹘ Memory and Brain Activator

MAXI-MEMORY is a natural complex to improve memory and enhance concentration. A unique formula of MAXI-MEMORY contains Ginkgo biloba and Gotu